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Shine The Light Series

Every other Friday, our team interviews a local innovator, artists or thought leader on Instagram live to talk about their career, life goals, how they got to where they are today and to show off some of their work. Join us on our journey to learn more about these amazing people!

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Lisa Townsend

In our latest installment of Shine the Light Series we chat with Lisa Townsend of F&E Handmade, a local homemade, all organic soap and body essentials company! We also learn more about Lisa’s main role as a Nurse and how she is able to carry her creativity over into nursing and other crafts, such as sewing.

Melissa Mengel

In our latest Shine the Light Series interview, we spoke with Melissa Mengel, owner of Salt and Branch. Salt and Branch is a small home decor business, with a mission to support small businesses around the U.S.

Jessica McPherson

Jessica McPherson is a dentist by day and talented gardener in her free time. We figured April was the perfect time to chat with Jessica to learn more about her passion for gardening and get some tips for ourselves!

Lexi DeConti

Lexi DeConti is a talented watercolorist and calligraphist from Quincy. We stole some of her vacation time to learn more about her art style, how she developed her love for art in college, and how she makes these amazing travel journal illustrations every time she visits a new place!

Maura Healy

In our latest Shine the Light Series interview we talk with Maura Healy, a local Quincy art teacher and owner of Dainty Scripts to learn more about her passion for the arts and teaching.

Jimmy Liang

We spoke with Jimmy Liang of Quincy’s popular, JP Fuji Group to learn more about his successful restaurants, his start as a Chef in Boston’s Chinatown District, and how he gives back to the community.

Teri Mangiaratti

We spoke with Teri Mangiaratti, owner of InSync Center of the Arts, to learn more about how InSync has been transforming the way classes are taught and performances are held, as well as how she’s been supporting fellow local businesses.

Bryna Rogers

We spoke with Bryna Rogers, program director of Quincy Family Resource Center to learn more about their mission and how you can help those in need this holiday season.

Lisa Trifone & Christina Bartkus

Lisa Trifone and Christina Bartkus are the sister duo behind Quincy’s Purefections Chocolate. Learn more about this family-owned and operated business and what makes their chocolate treats stand out.

Ashley Gaboriault

Ashley Gaboriault is the executive chef at Idle Hour Quincy. We learned more about what inspires her unique dishes and how she beat Chef Bobby Flay on his show.

Kerri Lynch-Delaney

We spoke with Kerri Lynch-Delaney, owner of 16C. In this interview, Kerri discusses her start in the culinary world, how she opened 16C, and the camaraderie among residents and restauranteurs in the City of Quincy.

Devin Adams

As a partner at The Townshend as well as the recently-opened Peal & Lime in Quincy Center, Devin is a busy guy, but was kind enough to take time out of his day to catch up. Join us as we learn more about how Devin got his start working for some impressive Boston restauranteurs and what led him to open these two different restaurants.

Noah Wilson-Rich

Noah is the founder of The Best Bees Company, who installs and maintains honeybee hives on commercial and residential properties across the U.S. In this exciting interview, Noah was right in his element – among some hives – giving us some amazing information about why honeybees are so important. He also shares a few tips on how he loves to eat honey!

Cassie Burke Martinson

We loved being able to sit down with Cassie Burke Martinson, a local POUND Fit Instructor and dance/fitness enthusiast. In this interview, Cassie explains how POUND gives her students an outlet to let go and be loud; she also talks about how fitness can change lives. 

Donnie Norton

Donnie Norton is the instructor for the Weymouth High Theater Company. His never-ending optimism and focus on inclusion for all students is what really makes him stand out!

Andre Callicutt

For our fourth installment of Shine The Light, we interviewed fitness instructor, Andre Callicutt! Andre is one of the kindest people we’ve ever met and has a vibrance and energy that just shines!

Joey Free

Our second installment of the Shine The Light Series featured Bubble Series artist Joey Free. Joey is talented artist with a focus on painting, poetry, and rap music. His latest ‘passion project’ – a comic book series he’s been writing and illustrating!

Mark Grundig

For our third installment of the Shine The Light Series, we sat down with local artist Mark Grundig. Mark combines old world and new world techniques, delivering a very unique style. You can check out his work at a lot of cool local restaurants like Loco South Boston and Yellow Door Taqueria to name a few.

Zach Achorn

For our first-ever Shine The Light Series we sat down with the creator of SelfMade Designs, and Bubble Series artist, Zach Achorn. Zach began teaching himself how to screen print back in 2014, and has since created SelfMade Designs and ‘Gym for Artists’ offering workspaces for painting, graphic and fashion design, photography, sound recording and production, DJing, and music rehearsals.